Dynamical Systems Seminar

Upper bound on the regularity of Lyapunov exponents of random product of matrices

by Jamerson Bezerra (Nicolaus Copernicus University)



The study of the regularity of the Lyapunov exponent of random products of SL2(R) matrices is a rich subject with many important contributions in the past years. It is well established in the literature that the function which associates each finite supported measure $\mu$ its Lyapunov exponents $L(\mu)$ is continuous, however, in general, it can have really poor modulus of continuity.

The purpose of this talk is to present a quantitative result on the control of the modulus of continuity for generic finitely supported measures $\mu$. More specifically, we provide an explicit upper bound on the local Holder regularity of the Lyapunov for this generic class.