Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry Seminar

Periods of Mixed Hodge Structures associated to algebraic cycles

by Souvik Goswami (University of Barcelona)

Aula Seminari (Department of Mathematics)

Aula Seminari

Department of Mathematics


Given a pair of algebraic cycles which are homologous to zero, and are in complimentary codimensions, R.Hain, S.Bloch,, in the 1990s established a mixed Hodge structure associated to the pair. A period of this mixed Hodge structure is a real number, which is called the ‘height’ pairing. In this talk I will explain the construction by Hain, and also motivate a similar construction attached to a pair of Bloch’s higher algebraic cycles. This is a joint work in progress with Dr. Greg Pearlstein and Dr. José Ignacio Burgos Gil.