Dynamical Systems Seminar

Bifurcations for natural families of finite type maps

by Matthieu Astorg (University of Orleans)

Aula Conferenze (CRM)

Aula Conferenze



Finite type maps are a class of holomorphic maps with finitely many singular values introduced by A. Epstein, which generalizes the so-called class S entire or meromorphic maps. We will explain how the classical bifurcation theory developed by Mañé-Sad-Sullivan/Lyubich in the 80's for rational maps may be extended to finite type maps. Time permitting, we will also explain how families of some specific finite type maps occur naturally as renormalization limits of skew-products tangent to identity in C^2, with applications to the construction of wandering domains (joint work with A.M. Benini and N. Fagella).